Why I started this blog

In September 2010, I began my journey as a mother. Before bringing my delightful baby boy into the world, I thought parenting would be hard, but nothing I couldn’t easily handle. I think overconfidence is a common symptom of first-time parents. 🙂

In one way I was right – parenting was hard, but I could handle it. However, I definitely wouldn’t say it was easy – especially in the beginning. I was insecure, uncertain, afraid every decision I made was the wrong one. It didn’t help that it was easy to find people critical of my decisions – all you have to do is check out any parenting website, blog or article to see other people’s opinions of the various parenting decisions we are all faced with. The anonymity of the Internet allows people to speak more freely than they might normally, so often those opinions are very strongly worded. For a new mother struggling in her new role, wanting to do the best for her child but not knowing if it was “right” (and also dealing with crazy postpartum hormones!), these comments were heartbreaking. It’s easy to say, “Don’t take it personally! It’s just the Internet!” but harder to actually follow the advice.

In 2011, I started working as a breastfeeding educator. This allowed me to meet many, many new moms and babies – definitely a perk of the job! Though my main job is to help with breastfeeding, I soon embraced another, unexpected job role: supporter and champion of all moms. I saw so many moms, in tears because they had to give their babies a little formula and they felt they’d failed – at breastfeeding, as a mom. This broke my heart, and I did everything I could to convince them that they were good moms, no matter how their baby was fed. These experiences, in addition to seeing moms tear each other down on the Internet over parenting decisions, made me realize my passion is supporting mothers, not just breastfeeding. This site is the first step in helping me turn that passion into something tangible.

EDIT: See my post here for the real reason why I need this blog in my life. I could just erase the above, but combined with the other post it shows my evolution of self-awareness.  <—- (that sounds way new age-y…cue Enya).


One thought on “Why I started this blog

  1. Thank you for your article “IT’S OK TO HATE MOTHERHOOD” I was searching for something to relate to and it helped me cope with my feelings of inadequacy and guilt. I have a two and five year old and often want them to “run away.” Of course, we both know it’s just us mothers needing space.

    PS. Congrats on Baby #2.

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