The Best of Third Eye Blind – Twisted MixTape

I’m trying out a new game this week! An awesome chick called Jen Kehl does Twisted MixTape Tuesday. Every week, she gives us a theme and challenges us to create a 5-song mixtape. This week’s is pretty easy: Best of any Band. I’ll play!

I kind of had a hard time picking a band, but only because I kept ignoring the one my mind would go to automatically. In high school, I was a huge Third Eye Blind fan. HUGE. Like, memorized every song on the two albums they’d released, plotted to run away to San Francisco and just knew I was going to someday marry Brad the drummer. They played in Eugene, OR when I was a senior in high school. So my mom took my best friend and me to see them. And we got to meet them. Squeeeee!

Me (and my mom) with Brad, Tony and Arion. Stephen wouldn't take any pictures. Jackass.
Me (and my mom) with Brad, Tony and Arion. Stephen wouldn’t take any pictures. Jackass.

Anyhoos, I present to you my Top 5 Third Eye Blind songs:

#1 Anything
This song is way too short. I want many more minutes of its awesomeness. I love the way it starts slow, crescendoes to crazy, then drops off. And who wouldn’t love to have someone croon, “Anything for you…”

#2 Motorcycle Drive-By
I was really depressed in high school. This song spoke to me. “I’ve never been so alone, and I’ve, never been so alive.” When I’m depressed, I feel this burning, aching in my chest. Like there’s always been. God I love this song.

#3 The Red Summer Sun
Rock. It builds. There’s a little “doo doo doo doo doo doo” ditty in there. Then it builds and Stephen does his best butt rock scream: “It’s been a long time, been a long time/To walk with the mighty.” YES. Probably the only 3EB song you could headbang to (in parts).

#4 I Want You
I thought this song was the height of Le Sexy Times at a time when tongue-kissing was the most daring sexual exploit I’d achieved. But if you really listen to the lyrics, they’re kind of dark and weird. I still like it.

#5 The Background
Did I mention I was really sad in high school? I tried to hide it. And did a fairly good job (until sophomore year). The background was where the truth was.


16 thoughts on “The Best of Third Eye Blind – Twisted MixTape

  1. I really loved Third Eye Blind, and now I know how much older I am than you πŸ™‚ cause I was already a growed up then.
    This is a great list, it’s perfect how it was so much a part of your life. And you got to meet them??!! Yahoo!!
    So glad you came to play!

    1. Thanks! Meeting them was pretty much the highlight of my life for several years. We tried to give them our room number (my freshly divorced Mom as well), but luckily they ignored it (but hey, I was 18!!). I’ll definitely be back to play again!

  2. This was a really good list, and it’s forced me to finally (and gratefully, as it turns out) become acquainted with these boys. AND, now I have the added bonus of having two more “go-to” songs, next time I get depressed…!

    1. I know, right? I think he said something douchey like, “No picky-pickies” or something equally stupid. He seemed kind of full of himself, but the other dudes were pretty nice.

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