I Support You

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately, blog-wise. I know I can write, and I have things I can write about. But when it comes to actually doing it, I freeze. I’ve been frozen for a while.

I can’t put my finger on what’s going on. Depression isn’t really flaring (although this morning’s 0330 wake-up time begs to differ), things are finally settling down here in Texas, I’m working on my Step 8 and I’m enjoying my stay-at-home mom life. But still…it feels like something is missing.

I’m hoping that I’ll get back into the swing of things with a series I’m planning to launch soon. It’s directly inspired by the “I Support You” Campaign launched by three amazing bloggers:

Mama by the Bay

Fearless Formula Feeder

I Am Not the Babysitter

These amazing ladies are trying to truly bring mothers together and help them realize that there is room for everyone at the table. Specifically, the campaign aims to:

  1. Bridge the gap between formula-feeding and breastfeeding parents by fostering friendships and interactions.
  2. Dispel common myths and misperceptions about formula feeding and breastfeeding, by asking parents to share their stories, and by really listening to the truth of their experiences.
  3. Provide information and support to parents as they make decisions about how to feed their children.
  4. Connect parents with local resources, mentors, and friends who are feeding their children in similar ways.

I’ve come a long way in how I view infant feeding. I started at the self-righteous, judgmental end of breastfeeding “support” (All or nothing, and if you don’t breastfeed you’re hurting your child). I cringe just thinking about it. Today, I believe that breastfeeding is the biological norm for our species and that human milk is nutritionally superior to man-made formula. However! I no longer think I have all the answers for every mom. Breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s ok.

One of the calls for action put out by these women was to have bloggers interview their feeding “opposite.” I put out a call on my Facebook page, asking women who used formula if they’d be willing to share their story with me. Within minutes I had several offers, and knew I had to do more. I opened it up to any mama who wanted to share her story – no matter how she fed her baby. I’ve always wanted this blog to be a forum to celebrate all the different ways we are good mamas; here was my chance!

So each week, I will feature a different mother’s infant feeding story. My hope is that we can look beyond infant feeding choice and focus on what’s really important: supporting women as they travel the most rewarding yet challenging path of all, motherhood.


I can already feel my blog ennui ebbing away. Look for the first post in this series on Friday!


One thought on “I Support You

  1. TWO THUMBS UP! I really appreciate the fact that some (only a few) people do understand.. Breastfeeding is good but not all moms can nurse. I do want to nurse my child but my supply can’t suffice his needs so I switched to formula. Sadly, some people around makes me feel wrong about my decision. Well, this article really is a GREAT encouragement. Thanks.

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