Hello! I’m baaaa-aaaack!!

We just finished the highly anticipated road trip from Portland, OR to Abilene, TX. It actually went much smoother than I imagined! But I don’t want to do it again anytime soon. 🙂

Two adults, one toddler, and two cars stuffed with crap we thought we needed. It took us 4 days to drive 1,846 miles. I learned something new each day of the drive.


Day One

Eastern Oregon is gorgeous. I got to test my wicked good rain-driving skills one last time, before leaving the land of the rain (Oregon) for the land of the sun (Texas). I rocked it.

Oh, and there are alligators in Idaho. WTF??

Day Two

Tell your husband you need to pee BEFORE it moves from annoying to urgent. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself doing an awkward hop/run to a Wendy’s bathroom in Moab while silently begging your childbirth-weakened pelvic floor muscles to keep the tiny dribble from becoming a full pants-soaking.

The gorgeous view couldn't distract me long enough
The gorgeous view couldn’t distract me long enough

Toddler repeatedly asks for toy you can’t reach while driving. Your response:
Hour One: “I’m sorry sweetpea, it’s not safe for me to get your dinosaur right now but when we stop for lunch I’ll get it for you!.”
Hour Nine: “NO!” *turns up radio to drown out whining and doesn’t feel guilty

Electronic devices are a godsend. Until your toddler decides that the only thing that will make him happy is to watch DVDs on the portable DVD player with a dead battery. You will feel his wrath (literally) when he chucks said DVD player at the back of your head.

This didn't happen nearly enough
This didn’t happen nearly enough

I picked the wrong time to give up caffeine.

After a long day of driving, you will smile as your freshly bathed toddler jumps on the bed while gleefully shouting “It’s a naked baby!!” It might be a slightly crazed and/or resigned smile, but hey at least you’re smiling and everyone is still alive.

Day Three

Driving the car without the toddler is much more relaxing than driving the car with the toddler.

My daydreams now consist of shooting rattlesnakes and finding the perfect pair of cowboy boots. I think my inner country girl is starting to emerge!

Day Four

New Mexico is flat and unappealing to me. It rained overnight and our cars were filthy afterward.

So boring
The never-ending road

Texas is F’ing hot! Holy boob sweat, Batman. Thank heavens for AC.

Not even the hottest it's been
Not even the hottest it’s been

It still hasn’t really hit me that we are here to stay for awhile (God and Air Force willing). Maybe it will become more real when we move into our apartment next week (temporary fix while we search for our family home to buy). I’m looking forward to seeing all the crap that I thought I needed back in February when the movers packed us out. Most of all, I’m just so glad to be done driving. Welcome to Texas!


9 thoughts on “Driving from Oregon to Texas

  1. I love road trips! I really wanted to drive from PA to Colorado this summer, but we decided to fly in the end. Since my daughter was born three years ago, we have driven from PA to the Florida Keys and back and PA to Maine and back with our three kids, now age 8, 6 and 3. I really want to do more US road trips. Now I know Oregon to Texas is a possibility! Enjoyed reading!

    1. This was the biggest road trip I’ve done…previous was a quick jaunt to southern California from Portland. But we did all that driving at once – husband drove first half, I drove the second half. Way more enjoyable to divide up the driving over a few days! 🙂

    1. The alligator thing totally confused me. Idaho is the last place I’d expect alligators (or a hot spring, for that matter). We didn’t have enough time to stop and fully investigate it, unfortunately!

  2. Congrats, you survived! Road trips can be awesome or awful and it sounds like you found the happy medium!

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