Hotel livin’

Today is the one month anniversary of our family being reunited!

Happy military family
Happy military family

My husband is in the Air Force. Right now, he is in technical training at Wright Patterson AFB (Ohio) to learn his new job. He used to work on the weapon system of the F-15; after this, he will be in bioenvironmental engineering. We are so excited, because this job is off the flightline and will have regular working hours. In his previous job, he’d work a minimum of 50 hours a week, reporting for work at 0700 and getting home between 1730-1900. It was hard to have any family time during the week, because he’d get home right at the baby’s bedtime. Also, he’d be so tired from his long workday turning wrenches and pushing boxes of tools that he wouldn’t feel like doing much. But we had the weekends, right? Uh, no. He’d often work, and we could rarely make long-term plans because of the threat of them being cancelled at the last-minute. It was a pretty rough 3.5 years.

This new job will be so much better. I’ve talked to the wife of one of his soon-to-be coworkers at Dyess AFB. She says they work 0730-1630 and rarely, if ever, work weekends. He’ll get an hour for lunch (previous job: no set lunch time) and time to work out (previous job: fit it in on your few off hours). We are so looking forward to our new life in Texas, which starts after he graduates next week.

For the first two months of his schooling, Colt and I stayed with family in Portland. I did a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course to fulfill a requirement of the nursing program I plan to apply to next year. The day I finished that, Colt and I hopped a plane to join Bryce in Ohio. He’s been staying in Visiting Quarters, which is a fancy term for a small hotel room. Or suite, I suppose, since technically we have two rooms. Two adults + 1 toddler + 1 small hotel suite? Oh boy…

hotel living

Let me take you on a small tour of our deluxe accommodations at Wright Patterson Air Force base.

Our main living space, which encompasses the kitchen/dining/living area, is 23.5 Sara feet long by 11 Sara feet wide (my foot is a women’s 8.5, if that helps). This was taken from the door, looking in:

Messy, but that’s normal

The toddler is watching the TV that is on top of the dresser. To the right, by the gorgeous burnt orange velour couch, is a desk. This is also known as my son’s play room/pooping area.

Multi-use space

The doorway you barely saw on the left leads to our bedroom and the only bathroom. Let me tell you, nothing sucks worse than putting the toddler down for a nap and then realizing you have to pee. I often debate whether it’s worse to wake the toddler or pee my pants. I think we have a queen-sized bed. Still too small for 2 adults and a wild toddler, though it’s a definite upgrade from the full-size bed we three usually rock.

Stuffed animals holding it down

My biggest complaint is the kitchen, or lack thereof.

Kitchen/pantry/random junk

It came with a microwave, we purchased a hot plate and one pan, and a friend of a friend graciously loaned us a crock pot. No dishwasher and the only sink is in the bathroom (thank God I’m not a germaphobe), so I avoid getting too crazy with my cooking. It’s been a challenge to eat healthy like this, but we’re hanging in there. My absolute least favorite “feature” of this room is this:

I love you, I hate you

Whoever invented this single serve coffee machine should be forced to watch Barney for hours on end. I can’t purchase my own coffee for it, so I’m completely at the mercy of the housekeepers to restock it everyday. They only give 4 at a time, which I can easily go through on a normal day (God help us on the bad days). I’m constantly hiding the “No Service” sign from my husband because he doesn’t like people coming in and messing with our stuff. I say, mess away (and leave extra coffee).

I’ve turned into a hoarder

Before we arrived, I was a little concerned how well it was going to go with so many people living in one small space. While it hasn’t all been peachy keen, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’d be happy anywhere, as long as my boys were with me. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

Love reunited...and stealing noses
Love reunited…and stealing noses

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