I have issues. I mean, who doesn’t, but some people are better at dealing with their issues than others. Like Super Why. That kid has his shit together. He always has a super big problem, but never fails to find the answer within 30 minutes, just by reading a fairy tale with his friends. No BS there, just straight problem-solvin’.

Pictured: Rebel with issues
Pictured: Rebel with issues

But I digress (often). I have issues. And I like to write. And they always say you should write about what you know. And what I know best is my overstuffed cargo hold of baggage. And I also know that many English teachers would faint at so many sentences started with ‘and,’ but what can I say – I’m a rebel like that.

Blogging, for me, is a form of therapy. It’s not healthy for me to keep feelings, thoughts and ideas all bottled up inside. Eventually, I get shaken up so much that I explode (not pretty). To avoid eruptions, I let it out in small doses in the form of blog posts. Sometimes I get feedback, which is awesome, and sometimes I don’t, which is fine too. Writing helps me work through difficult emotions and situations, so even if nobody reads it I still benefit. It’s bonus points if someone else benefits from my writing.

I write about my adventures as a mommy, but I also write about my past and how it has shaped my present. These often overlap, as my childhood issues pop up in my mothering. There’s always a lesson to be learned, it seems.

I also blog because it’s fun. I’ve recently joined a blogger group and have been meeting the most awesome ladies. For someone who is a little clumsy at making friends in real life, the blogosphere is a gold mine.

Today, I’m linking up with the kick-ass peeps for Finish the Sentence Friday. It’s hosted by Janine at Confessions of a Mommyaholic, Dawn at Dawn’s Disasters, Kate at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine and Stephanie at Mommy, For Real. Check them out!

Finish the Sentence Friday


12 thoughts on “Cheaper than therapy

  1. Oh wonderful reasons why you do blog and feel so very similar in my own reasoning. I also loved how you mentioned Super Why and so damn true, wish I could fix things in 30 minutes ro less, too!! But seriously, thanks so much for linking up with us, hope you join us again and have a great weekend now, too!! 🙂

  2. And just think … when you factor in all of your readers and the potential for feedback, that’s MUCH cheaper than traditional therapy. 😉

    Popping in for the first time via the #FTSF. Gonna make the rounds, but I’ll stop back in later to wander around and check out your posts …

  3. So happy you joined us! I agree- blogging is definitely therapeutic for me! And Super Why- snort!

  4. Yessssss to lots of this.

    And there’s nothing wrong with starting sentences with ‘and’ – it’s a completely valid construct (I do it all the time, so it must be;) )

  5. That’s a GREAT reason to write, and it’s certainly true for me too! That Super Why is an anomaly. Annoying!

  6. And I will agree with my fellow (or fellette) Commentationers above… very much more fun form of therapy, and no doubt; as efficacious and I try to get at least one semicolon into everything I write. Just because, I guess. lol

  7. I’m clumsy too at making friends in real life. It takes me forever and it’s always awkward. I hate small talk. I don’t talk to my neighbors unless they talk to me first. I hate that I do that. I blogged through the summer last year after our last adoption. It was a hard time with three kids. I was SO glad to have my blog to let it all out. It saved me from blowing my top a number of times. I remember thinking – I’ll just blog this, when my daughter got into her sixth off-limits cream, paste or whatever for the day. She’s doing better now. And so am I. 🙂

  8. I love reading about why people blog. I think your reasons are great! As someone who came to blogging and social media late in the game (I just got my first email address two years ago and then became a blogger a few weeks later!) I could not get over how many amazing people I was meeting on a regular basis. I also love the creative outlet it affords. So great to find your site, I look forward to making many visits!

  9. See, this is what makes writing so perfect. You can just be yourself, take it or leave it, without all the worry of having the right clothes on, like you do when you leave the house, lol. 🙂 I have to say I cracked up at the Super Why reference, because every time that show is on, my husband will look at me and say, “Tell me again why this kid is a superhero?”

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