Colt vs. Dirt

I love taking my son to the park. If one or both of us is having a bad day, off to the park we go. We always have a silly good time, even in the rain.

This kid was born in England...he owns the rain
This kid was born in England…he owns the rain

He has a blasty, driving the “California train” (play structure), going down the fireman pole, chasing Mama around the plastic rock climbing wall, swinging, kicking his soccer ball in the field…until he gets dirty. This child hates to be dirty. It makes bath time a no-brainer (Colt, we need to get the sugar off your teeth. It’s icky! Promptly opens mouth…score one for Mom) but makes playtime hilarious and slightly confusing.

Thus, I give you this:

I only hope he’s this eager to be clean when he’s a teenager.


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